Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer is as well known for its unique detangling hair tool as it is as the one that got away. The product that the Dragons Den crew ridiculed but went on to become a massive worldwide success.

The product was invented by Shaun P who saw a need for a new detangling hair tool that didn’t fight or lock in tangles resulting in a product that has won a host of industry and magazine awards. The patented Tangle Teezer Original has become the best-selling hairbrush in the UK and is selling in droves around the world.

It was while heading up colour divisions in salons that Shaun P had his light bulb moment. An idea that was to make him one of the hairdressing industry’s most dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs.

He realised there was a calling for a new detangling hair tool that didn’t fight or lock in tangles.

The answer was in specifically spaced and designed teeth. Teeth that flexed over tangles without pulling or snagging. Four years in the making, the new generation of hairbrush was born.

Do you spend hours trying to detangle your hair only to find yourself getting nowhere? Are you guilty of repeatedly torturing your hair with incorrect brushes or combs that only tug, tighten and tear tangles from your hair?

Tangle Teezer is an innovation in hair care that gently and effortlessly detangles your hair with no pain. It really is your hair care saviour and a true detangling solution. Tangle Teezer is the only brush that is literally changing lives.

  • A total of over 6 million hair brushes sold in under 5 years
  • The biggest selling hair brush brand in the UK
  • Now in 80 countries worldwide
  • Instant detangling for all hair types
  • For use on wet and dry hair
  • Great for extensions, wigs and weaves
  • Hair will look shinier
  • Perfect for back-combing


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