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BBR Autumn grooming tips for men: taking care of your skin, beard and hair ☠️

BBR Autumn grooming tips for men: taking care of your skin, beard and hair ☠️

Pack away your vests and break out your jerseys – autumn’s here! Just like the clothes in your wardrobe, your skin, beard and hair care routines need to be updated during the colder months. Below, we’ve pulled together our top men’s grooming tips to help you survive the temperature changes this autumn.

How to look after your skin this autumn

Those bone-chilling winds will wreak havoc on your skin if you’re not careful. When the temperature drops, your skin cries out for help, and you’d be a fool to ignore it – it’s your largest organ after all. Thankfully, with a few simple steps, you can keep things in check.

Wash away the day with an exfoliating face scrub

One of two things will happen when autumn slaps you in the face: your skin will dry itself out, or become far too oily, depending on your production of sebum oil. Either way, it’s important that you keep your skin breathing. For that, you’ll need to invest in an exfoliator – something that can tackle dirt, dead skin cells and oily build-ups that collect deep inside your skin’s pores.

Using our Face Scrub every other day should do the trick. Apply it morning or evening in small circular motions, paying particular attention to your t-section. Let the exfoliating powers of its formula go to work for a few minutes, before rinsing it away with clean, warm water. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel to finish.

Prevent chapped lips

Your lips are perhaps the biggest victim of the wind and cold. They will crack and split without warning if you don’t show them some respect! Keep them in check by grabbing yourself a reliable lip balm at the earliest convenience. Maybe make it cola-flavoured too; just make sure you resist the urge to eat it.

Keep your skin hydrated

High winds and biting colds will steal your skin’s moisture from right under your nose, like a slight-of-hand thief. That’s why it’s important to top things up in between shaves, showers and sleeps with a rich and ready moisturiser. Apply our Cooling Moisturiser day and night to any areas that need it, particularly your hands, face and neck. It’s best used straight after a shower or shave, when you’re feeling your freshest.

How to maintain your beard this autumn

Like a Spartan’s shield, owning a beard will protect your jawline from almost anything, even autumn’s wrath. With the right beard products, it will stand strong against everything this season can throw at it.

To protect your beard from the elements, start by washing it daily with a cleansing Shampoo and beard scrub. This will help to remove any trapped dirt and grime between the hairs and skin. While it’s still damp, add a few drops of our nourishing Cuban Blend Beard Oil to keep the hair soft and hydrated. Finish things off by brushing your beard through with our Travel Beard Brush.

How to strengthen your hair game this autumn

Like any great feat of architectural triumph, a great hairstyle needs strong foundations. That’s why it’s so important to lay the foundations the right way before going wild with pastes, pomades and clays. This is especially true in the autumn.


Kick things off by washing your hair properly with our barber-grade Shampoo. It’ll help to remove yesterday’s styling products, as well as any build-ups of dirt and oil. Once that’s sorted, lock in moisture and protect your cuticles with our Conditioner.

Try a new style and lock it down

Autumn offers you a great chance to change up your style and the products you use. Rather than opting for the usual pastes and pomades, we recommend our Sea Salt Spray. Formulated with real sea salt crystals and our award-winning British barbershop scent, it helps to define natural-looking styles that last all day and night. Just spritz it into damp hair and blow-dry it into shape, or add a little to dry hair and watch it create wave and texture. For added protection from the winds, consider finishing off your new look with a quick spritz of hairspray.


Enjoy Autumn!

Autumn is a great time to be experimental with every aspect of your grooming routine; so try that new hairstyle, spritz on a fresh fragrance and get to grips with skincare – you’ll thank yourself for it when winter comes!

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