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invisibobble - Handle with Curl - Gift Set (3pcs)


With a bit of help of invisibobble Handle with Curl set, at home, the wellness experience has never been closer! This easy-to-use heatless curls kit made out of premium silky material will create gorgeous no-heat hairstyles. The soft material of the curling ribbon is designed for the most comfortable sleep, while the stylish scrunchies hold the curls in place and can be used for additional hair styling after using the set.

Usage: How to get perfect curls with the invisibobble Heatless Curling Set 

  1. Comb your dry hair and part it into two equal segments.
  2. Place the curling ribbon on top of your head, and first secure it on one side with a SPRUNCHIE SLIM.
  3. Take a small section of your hair and begin wrapping it around the ribbon away from the face. Continue wrapping further sections of hair, until you have wrapped the entire hair segment around the ribbon.
  4. To hold your curled look, secure the end of the ribbon with one SPRUNCHIE SLIM.
  5. Repeat the steps for the other segment of your hair.
  6. Wear the curling ribbon for a couple of hours or overnight (for the best results).


1 Pkg. includes 2 invisibobble SPRUNCHIE SLIM and 1 Curling ribbon

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