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Invisibobble Sprunchie Mystica Make it Rein

Invisibobble Sprunchie Mystica Make it Rein

May good fortune always be on your side, and your hairstyles always gorgeous. SPRUNCHIE Make it Rein is a must-have hair accessory for this season thanks to its color and cosy material. Thanks to the hair spiral that is under the material, maximum hold of hair is ensured while scrunchie is being gentle to the hair. 

·         spiral hair tie meets scrunchie with HAIRLOVETECH

·         spiral inside

·         style icon

·         strong hold

·         100% recyclable packaging

How to use it

1. Grab the amount of hair you want to put together
2. Wrap around the spiral as many times as needed
3. Enjoy a secure hold and no pain all-day
4. Wear it around your wrist if not needed for a fashionable look

1 Pkg. includes 1 invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

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