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Tangle Teezer - The Wet Detangler - Black

Designed for use on wet hair and in the shower, The Ultimate Detangler effortlessly slips through your hair (and thanks to its handle, not out of your wet hands).

The patented two-tiered teeth technology is gentle on vulnerable, shower-fresh hair, meaning less breakage, more of that running-your-fingers-through-your-hair feeling. The long teeth detangle, while the shorter teeth smooth - a team effort at its finest.

Treating your locks to a conditioning treatment? Use The Ultimate Detangler to evenly draw your products of choice through the lengths of your hair.

If you have long, thick or curly hair, let us redirect you to The Large Ultimate Detangler. Sometimes size does matter.  

The mini Ultimate Detangler is perfect for travel with a savvy keyring hole on the handle. Although small, it confidently detangles any type of hair, helping to reduce hair breakage. The mini size doesn’t mean it’s just great for kids. It’s perfect for adults too!

Hot tip: Keep this hairbrush away from heat!

Together with the Ultimate Detangler, avoid breakage and enjoy smooth, detangled hair.

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