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That's So - All in One - SPF 50/80*/100* Baby - 175ml

All-In-One SPF 50/50+/50++ is a sunscreen with a very high protection factor indicated to prevent skin damage to people with very fair complexion and sensitive skin, for those who perform winter activities at high altitudes, for those exposed to tropical sun, for children and for the elderly.

The progressive spray sun protection guarantees 3 sunscreens in a single product thanks to the incremental sun protection technology, increasing progressively with each application, at a distance of 10 minutes from each other.

The All-In-One SPF 50/50+/50++ sunscreen provides very high broad-spectrum protection, defending the skin from both UVB and UVA rays that cause premature aging of the skin.

Thanks to the clinically proven formula and the Baby Formula makes this protection ideal for sun exposure in total safety of children, is allergen-free and clinically tested 0+ years.

All-In-One SPF 50/50+/50++ enriched with avocado oil, jojoba and vitamin E, improves skin hydration, tone and elasticity.

The continuous spray with BOV (Bag on Valve) technology, eco-friendly, without gas allows easy application of the product reaching even the most difficult points.

All-In-One SPF 50/50+/50++ is water and sweat resistant, has suitable protection against sunburn and prevents the white effect on the skin.

With the right sun protection factor our skin is safe!

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