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That's So - Pink Angel Anti Age Firming Mousse 200ml

Firming Mousse is the soft body mousse formulated to firm and tone the body day after day and counteract sagging skin, leaving the skin soft and silky.
Thanks to special liposomes that ensure effective penetration of the active ingredients of the product into the deeper layers of the skin, Tonic Glow Firming Mousse acts on several levels, firming, draining and reducing fat deposits.
The special blend of active ingredients of Tonic Glow Firming Mousse, including caffeine and carnitine that stimulate the drainage of liquids and facilitate fat metabolism and extract of rusco and escin with reducing firming effect, makes the mousse the ideal treatment to mobilize and reduce fat deposits and give a visibly firmer skin, elastic and smooth (thanks to the special plant complex Proteasyl®).
Also enriched with golden mica powder for a brilliant effect and Shea butter with emollient action, the mousse leaves the skin soft, nourished and deeply hydrated, giving the body an immediate shine and a radiant appearance.

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