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That'so - Dual Purpose Mitts

Tanning Mitt by That'so is an essential beauty tool with a double-sided design for dual use.
Peeling glove + Application: prepare the skin for the application of self-tanning treatments and functional for a uniform and impeccable application of self-tanning products. Tanning Mitt is reusable and easily washable.

– The exfoliating side with its gentle action stimulates skin microcirculation and maintains the natural pH value unaltered. It eliminates impurities and dead cells, thus increasing the radiance of the skin making it smooth and smooth, ready for the next application of self-tanning products.
– The silk effect side facilitates the application of the self-tanning treatment, even in the most difficult to reach points, ensuring easy application and an impeccable result free of stains and streaks.

Get ready to impress with a perfect tan all year round and smooth, glowing skin!

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