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That'so - Tan Accelerator -100ml

All-In-One Tan Accelerator is an ultra-fast tanning accelerator spray that promotes the natural melanin production process, ensuring the skin has an even and intense tan.

All-In-One Tan Accelerator is formulated with Unipertan®, a revolutionary bio-complex that promotes an intense and long-lasting tan and Hemp Water, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, helps reduce damage caused by the sun's rays and nourishes the skin in depth, giving it a silky softness. Finally, menthol gives the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness during sun exposure.

The tanning accelerator when used under the sun intensifies the tan while, starting the use a week before, prepares the skin for sun exposure. Even after the first application the results are immediately visible: the skin is velvety, soft and tanned in a uniform and natural way.

Ideal to apply before any That'so sunscreen to increase melanin production.

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