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Tangle Teezer - Store Finder

Tangle Teezer - Store Finder - HAIRCAIR Distributors ZA

Designed differently, performs brilliantly.

Hair is our first love and that’s why we design products differently, to perform brilliantly. Starting life as an idea in a salon in 2003, our maverick of a founder, Shaun Pulfrey, took his vision of a hairbrush that detangles hair easily, without frustration or damage, to Dragon’s Den UK, (and after a minor rejection) left even more determined to grow his idea to be the award-winning haircare brand that we are today.    

It all started with our unique two-tiered teeth technology, but the innovation never stops – we continue to create one-of-a-kind products that work hard for you and your hair. Using our expert knowledge, we cater to each hair type, whether it’s straight to wavy, fine and fragile, or curly and coily - that’s why we’re the cult classic loved by so many, from influencers and hair stylists to our loyal customers.   

We understand that your hair is a reflection of your unique identity and an expression of your inner self. Good hair days elevate your confidence and mirror a positive self-image. And it's not just about looking good, it's about feeling unstoppable. Our tools do more than just detangle; they're your daily dose of confidence. With every stroke, they empower you to face life’s knots with ease. So, brush off the tangles, believe in yourself (and the power of good hair), and remember – with Tangle Teezer by your side, life's a smooth journey. Life, untangled. 

Here are just some of the major retailers of Tangle Teezer in South Africa :

Sorbet Group

Retail Box

Style Bar

ARC Stores




It just works, intuitively   

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