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The Face : Anti-aging starts with sunscreen

The Face : Anti-aging starts with sunscreen - HAIRCAIR Distributors ZA

Face: anti-aging starts with sunscreen

Aging and facial wrinkles are a natural and inevitable process of life, but by regularly using proper sunscreen you can slow down this process.

Face and hands are the parts of our body most exposed to UV rays throughout the year, not just during the summer season. Therefore, for proper facial care, sunscreen should be used at all times, even if the sun is not shining. Most facial blemishes are caused precisely by photoaging, that is, aging of the skin caused by ultraviolet rays. Sun damage is a major cause of pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

Why to protect facial skin from the sun

The sun makes us feel so good after a dark winter, why is it harmful? Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight damages the skin’s DNA, which is the first step toward developing skin cancer. UVA rays penetrate deeply and damage collagen and skin cells and are responsible for premature aging. At what age can the signs of skin aging be seen? Unfortunately, the degenerative process starts quite early, and as early as around age 30 the skin begins to lose its elasticity.

What if you already have wrinkles and dark spots from years of unprotected sun exposure? Research has shown that it is never too late to start protecting your skin. In fact, people with sun-damaged skin (and that includes all of us) who started late to use broad-spectrum sunscreen have seen a significant reduction in any visible signs of aging. Regardless of age, daily sunscreen use is the basis of a brilliant anti-aging skin care routine.

How to protect the face and prevent aging

Facial protection is not only about sun protection, but also about the habit of a proper daily skin-care by constant and regular application of: cleanser, tonic lotion, moisturizing water, an anti-aging day cream and night cream, and eye contour. The use of these cosmetics are all of great importance for younger, healthier-looking skin. Thinking that the skin only needs protection for those two weeks at the beach is really a thing of the past.

SPF 50+ sunscreen and anti-aging cosmetics are essential for healthy skin; in fact, they are the only solution to be able to defend ourselves from the damage caused by UV exposure.

Also, in addition to using creams and lotions for good facial protection, it is important to remember to protect your facial skin with a hat with a wide brim and wear sunglasses with UV filters. 

Whatever choice you make, finally, it is essential to throw away sunscreens at the end of each season because time causes their effect to wear off and saving them for the following year is not a good idea. Once opened, it is best to note the date and observe the pao (period after opening) on the packaging.

The anti-aging with SPF for new skin-care

Wrinkles are one of the most obvious (and most hated) signs of skin aging: they are small furrows or folds, more or less deep, that originate on dehydrated, dry and not very elastic skin of women and men who are no longer young.

Anti-aging products with SPF, unlike traditional face protectors, protect against the harmful effects of UV rays, free radicals and environmental aggressions, thus preventing premature aging by counteracting oxidative stress, helping to prevent sunspots and signs of aging. They have an antioxidant and strongly repairing action that helps the skin regenerate by stimulating the production of new collagen.

Their formulation also makes them ideal for those who, with the arrival of hot weather, cannot stand too many products on their skin. They can be used both before and after make-up.

That'so Italy incremental SPF 50++ and After Sun makes a perfect pair in the quest for protected, healthy sun care all year round.

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